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DevelopNow offers a variety of professional technical services that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analysis and Machine Learning. We create optimized solutions by integrating technologies to solve any business challenge.

Team of Vetted Professionals

As a leading artificial intelligence development company, DevelopNow hires experienced developers with proficiency in AI and Machine Learning technologies. Our hires stay up to date with the latest technologies.

Domain Experience

Our company delivers artificial intelligence solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. Whether it’s retail, fintech, logistics, or any other industry, we’ll provide robust code fine-tuned to industry standards.

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Affordable Development

We offer cost-friendly solutions with high-quality functionality that meets world-acknowledge standards. Drive digital transformation at affordable rates, while maintaining quality.

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Artificial Intelligence Services We Provide
Annotation Tooling

Image and Data annotation services for an extensive combination of tooling, including – Bounding Box Annotation – Semantic Segmentation – 3D Point Cloud Annotation – 3D Cuboid Annotation – Landmark Annotation – Polygon Annotation – Polyline/Splines/Line Annotation.

We guarantee 100% accuracy with our ML engineers, data scientists, and proprietary QA process to do classification at scale for 2D/3D images and videos. Contact us to have a Hybrid Automation solution (Human+RPA), data preprocessing, cleaning, etc.

Human Behavior Recognition

The surveillance system of the future does not only need to recognize people but also to understand human behaviors, to serve tracking and security purposes better. SotaTek team utilizes revolutionary techniques to measure observation similarity based on color features, distance features, and count features, providing our clients with efficient and robust tracking algorithms.

Face Authentication System

Facial Recognition System, also known as Biometric Artificial Intelligence-based application, enables identifying and verifying an individual based on a digital image or footage. Our advanced technology and optimized database allow the most accurate authentication for users.

Vehicles Recognition

Tracking systems development based on advanced AI and Deep Learning Technologies, enabling the accurate detection of vehicles’ number plates from videos, ensuring precise track and records even for high-speed vehicle cases. The system then converts the recorded letters and numbers into character data for the highest accurate recognition rate.

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Development Suite of Technologies

We build sophisticated solutions that rely on a diverse set of Artificial Intelligence technologies. Our AI & ML development services span a multitude of languages and frameworks.


Quality Quality Solutions

We hire Artificial Intelligence developers who do not settle for mediocre interfaces. We develop high-quality solutions with clean code and infallible performance within your timeline and budget.


Experience Superior Experience

With lot´s of successful Artificial Intelligence projects, you are guaranteed to have your idea turned into reality, along with cost-efficient development options.


unique Custom Solutions

Our Artificial Intelligence company assists in building bespoke end-to-end software from ideation to development and support. Our team of Artificial Intelligence engineers taps into your business needs to devise unique solutions suited for your goals.